Welcome to the WagnerLab!


The WagnerLab is Dr. Richard K Wagner’s Research Lab at Florida State University. The Lab is affiliated with The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) and the Psychology department of Florida State University. The lab is also part of the Florida Learning Disabilities Research Center. Currently the lab staff are focusing on the understanding of reading development, accurately defining reading disabilities, useful interventions for reading disabilities including the use of assistive technology and the methodologies of meta-analysis and structural equation modeling. Major funding for the lab is from NIH Grant P50 HD052120-07.

The Florida Learning Disabilities Research Center (http://www.fsuld.org)

The Florida Center for Reading Research (http://www.fcrr.org/)

The Florida State Department of Psychology (http://www.psy.fsu.edu)

The WagnerLab is a research lab devoted to understanding reading development. We do not provide individual testing or services from the lab. If you are looking for these services in the Tallahassee area please contact:

FSU Multidisciplinary Center at 850-644-2222 or http://mdc.fsu.edu

FSU Adult Learning Evaluation Center 850-644-3611 or http://education.fsu.edu/centers-institutes/adult-learning-and-evaluation-center-alec