In loving memory of our friend and colleague Carol Connor


On May 14th, we lost a dear friend and colleague, Dr.

Carol ConnorCarol Connor. Carol was a passionate advocate for education and a brilliant researcher. And she was a genuine and lovely person. Our condolences to her team at UC and sadness for all of us who knew and worked with her.





bye bye

We are saying a temporary goodbye to our beautiful lab as we practice distancing and do our part to limit COVID spread.  We will all be working from our homes and will be very happy when we get to the other side and come back to work! Be well dear friends and colleagues!

FLDRC meeting

This is a picture of the FLDRC meeting held here in Tallahassee.

Behind us is the Alumni Center who did a fabulous job hosting us. Thanks to all who attended and to the Alumni Center, Andrews Catering, the wonderful folks at PSY in FSU where we had a great poster session and to the Doubletree and Mike’s Limo. It is a whole lot of work to host an 80 person meeting, but great ideas were shared and there was a sense of synergy and collegiality among all the participants. The poster session for students and early career researchers was especially dynamic.

Here are a few other pictures of the meeting.

Poster sessionRick wows the crowdFLDRC meeting

Sarah Wood, Doctoral Student, wins dissertation support from APA and FSU

sarah wood at SSSR (2)

Congratulations Sarah!  She was selected as a recipient of a 2019 American Psychological Association (APA) Dissertation Research Award be used to help offset dissertation research costs. This award is $1000. Sarah was also given an FSU dissertation award of $200. Sarah’s dissertation is looking at speech-to-text technology for students with dyslexia. It will provide helpful information about whether these tools are of benefit in assisting students with reading challenges and also how their use can be beneficial in understanding dyslexia.

2019 has been a great year for publications from the lab.

Rachel and Rick have a publication regarding the co-occurrence of reading disabilities and math disabilities in the journal Scientific Studies of Reading. doi: 10.1080/10888438.2019.1593420.

In May 2019, Rick, Antje, Rachel, Sarah and Fotena (with Ashley Edwards and Chris Schatschneider) have a publication, Combining old and new for better understanding and predicting dyslexia, in New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development.  doi: 10.1002/cad.20289

eye on our book

And in 2019 a chapter was included in Rick’s (one of the editors) book, Reading Developmental and Difficulties: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice.

The writing team included Rick, Antje, Sarah, Rachel and Fotena and our friends Chong Zhong, Poh Wee Koh and Sunaina Shenoy.

The FLDRC is excited to embark upon our third cycle of research as part of the NIH LDRCs.

FSULD group

A Florida State University-based research team studying the best ways to help students with learning disabilities has received an $8 million grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

The $8 million grant will be spread out over five years and fund research at Florida State as well as several other partner institutions under Wagner’s lead including Haskins Laboratories, University of California at Irvine, University of California at San Francisco, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, Purdue University, University of Oregon, Yale and Southern Methodist University.

The grant is a continuation of work that the Florida Learning Disabilities Research Center — housed within the Florida Center for Reading Research and the College of Arts and Sciences — has done for the past 10 years. The center has had 10 years of continuous funding from NICHD and this grant extends that another five years. It is one of only three NICHD Learning Disabilities Research Centers in the country.